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UniTop Prep-Y9 两大项目

Who Are We?

We are an Australia-based global education institution. For over 10 years, we have helped thousands of students foster their literacy, literature and numeracy skills. Our mission is to inspire our later generations to reflect the dynamic needs of a rapidly automating and ever-changing world.

  • Tailored Program

UniTop Prep-Y9 provides interactive courses personalised to every child’s learning preferences.

  • Professional Teachers

UniTop Prep-Y9 teachers are experienced and qualified who understand every child’s needs.

  • Teach With Love

UniTop Prep-Y9 cares about your child’s wellbeing to ensure they have a safe learning environment.

  • Free Assessment

UniTop Prep-Y9 offers the initial assessment free-of-charge to better fill your child’s learning gaps.

  • Comprehensive Support

UniTop Prep-Y9 ‘s reporting system enables you to track your child’s progress.

  • Cloud Classroom

UniTop Prep-Y9 provides real-time online teaching which has no difference to our face-to-face programs.


UniTop 最教育 是位于澳大利亚教育之州维多利亚州首府墨尔本的一家国际教育机构。十多年来,我们已经帮助了千余名青少年提升他们的英文文学、英文能力以及数学能力。我们致力于培养下一代青少年,使之成为适应这个多变世界的人才。








  • 定制课程

UniTop 最教育 Prep-Y9 提供针对性的课程,根据每位学员的实际情况量身定制

  • 专业师资

UniTop 最教育 Prep-Y9 的老师富有多年教学经验并具备VITTESOLCELTA等全球认证

  • 用心教学

UniTop 最教育 Prep-Y9 关爱每位学员的身心发展,提供安全并安心的学习环境

  • 免费评估

UniTop 最教育 Prep-Y9 提供针对5-18岁全球青少年免费的英文能力评估

  • 全程追踪

UniTop 最教育 Prep-Y9 的服务追踪体系将保证每位学员达成既定学习目标

  • 云课堂

UniTop 最教育 Prep-Y9 在开展澳洲线下课的同时,提供配合海外学生需求的线上课程


Our philosophy:

For A Better Future 为了更好的未来