Scholarship & Selective School 奖学金&精英学校课程

私校奖学金及精英学校课程是由UniTop Elite教育教学组的专业教师精心设计的,他们的成功的经验可以助力学生在包括Edutest,AcerAAS等各个主流奖学金测试中取得理想的成绩。这些奖学金考试主要评估学生四个关键方面的能力(英语,数学,通用能力和书面表达),而该课程也会高效地教授学生如何在考试中更好地表现他们的知识和技能,以及应试所需的各项技能,例如时间管理,问题解决和考试策略。同时,本课程的目的是帮助参加奖学金考试的学生减轻压力并提高分数,从而进入他们梦想中的学校。

Scholarship/Selective Entry Course is specially designed to help students with scholarship tests, including Edutest, Acer and AAS. The course improves students’ skills in four key areas (English, Mathematics, General Ability and Written Expression), which are the focus of all the tests conducted by private/selective schools. Teachers assigned to the course are all very experienced and have successfully assisted students in gaining success, ensuring efficiency in preparation, through training of the skills required by the tests, including time management and problem-solving skills and thus reducing students’ stress.