AEE(Advanced Elite English) is designed for secondary students and possibly high-achieving Year 6s. Closely aligned with requirements of the Australian Curriculum, this program enhances students’ Language, Literacy and Literature levels. These three interrelated strands form an integrating framework of knowledge, understanding and skills of the English language. As one of the most in-demand programs of UniTop Junior and Elite, AEP prepares our students for the more advanced learnings in secondary school and eventually towards the excellence of SACs and VCE exams.

AEE高级精英课程的主要受众为6-11年级的中小学生。 这个课程紧扣澳洲教学大纲的要求,旨在提升学生的英语知识语言应用文学修养。作为一同教育最受欢迎的课程之一,AEE课程帮助学生具备中学学习所需的英语文学能力,并通过规划和学习让学生可以从容面之后VCE高考中的EnglishEAL等英文学科考试。


Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) English Exam Prep Course is designed and taught by Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registered teachers (including teachers who mark and set exam papers) as required by the Victorian Certificate of Education. The teaching content incorporates teachers’ long-time tutoring experiences and aims to solve problems that students are prone to. All required skills and knowledge, in terms of text response, language analysis, oral presentation, comparative writing, etc. will be taught and practiced thoroughly with prompt feedback. In a small class teaching environment, teachers can identify student’s strengths, discover what’s blocking their progress, so as to provide better support to help them to gain desirable result in SAC and VCE tests. The better the score is, the more guarantee for promising university choices.


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