Phonics & English 自然拼读英语提升

课程主要面对以自然拼读为依托,提升阅读能力等级,并锻炼写作能力。课程按照孩子的拼读和读写能力分班,主要面对4-7岁的学生。课程授课一般是由中外教一起搭班授课,满足孩子的不同情况和需求。从单字母的letter soundsletter names入手,逐渐往双字母多字母的sounds过渡。规范学习不同字母及字母组合的正确发音及书写;培养并提升音位意识,通过配套系列绘本的使用,培养并提高学生的独立阅读能力,并进一步培养学生对绘本内容的理解能力。在此基础上不断学习并积累视觉词汇;培养各类文体段落及文章书写能力;学习段落及文章的阅读和写作中的必备语法知识点,主要包含单词词性的使用及标点符号的使用。

The course is based on phonics and will improve students reading level and writing skills. Students are set to different classes according to the placement tests. Students mother language will also be considered when enrol in classes so their individual needs will be catered for. Course starts from letter sounds and letter names, gradually upgrades to digraphs, trigraphs, sight words and meanwhile reading books. Students’ writing skill and hand writing will be guided. Independent reading is encouraged and their will be understanding activities for the books students read. Later in the course, grammar, such as part of speech and punctuation, will be introduced.

Reading level correlation chart 分级阅读对照表

For more information about reading levels, please contact us. Or you can go to PM Readers website or Oxford reading tree websites. 详情请查阅以下网站。

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