EE3-6 小学中高阶英语培优

EE精英课程3-6级,是由UniTop Junior 和 Elite 共同研发的英语语言能力培优项目,学生群体覆盖整个小学段。此项目的设计符合澳洲教学大纲的需求,旨在帮助学生达到更高的拼读阅读写作语言应用规范文字推理能力。EE精英项目可以帮助学生在全国英语及数学能力测试(NAPLAN)及奖学金考试中脱引而出,取得优异的成绩。通过课内学习和课外练习的良好配合,此课程还可以帮助学生形成好的学习习惯、辩证思考能力、问题解决能力以及其他学生可以受益终身的习惯和能力。

Elite English Level 3-6 is an independently developed and tailored literacy and language program for students from Year 3 to Year 6. It helps students achieve excellence in reading comprehension, writing and language conventions which are specified in the Australian Curriculum. Core course content is based around skills required for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) and scholarship exams. The aim of this program is to develop students’ learning styles, critical thinking, problem solving and other lifelong skills through various up-to-date and achievable in-class and take-home activities.