Maths 数学课程

Our Maths program enables our students to use mathematical concepts to understand the world and connect concepts with everyday activities. Within the context of the Australian Curriculum, students are exposed to mathematical understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning, which allows them to respond to various situations by using mathematics to make decisions efficiently. Key areas of study include algebra, geometry, statistics, probabilities and etc. This program helps students to prepare for NAPLAN, AMC, scholarship and selective school entry exams.

Junior的数学项目让学生能够用数学知识来认识世界并且将概念应用于实际生活。按照澳洲教学大纲的要求,学生会接触到数学知识理解、提升数学的问题分析和理解能力,让他们可以有效率地用数学解决各种问题。主要学习领域包括数字和代数、几何、数学和概率等待。数学课程能够帮助学生备考多种考试,包括NAPLAN, AMC和私校奖学金及精英学校考试。全英文授课,新移民提高英文,适应学习气氛。

Areas in Australian Maths Curriculum 澳洲数学学习板块

Primary Maths 小学数学大纲
Secondary Maths 中学数学大纲