Student Info Form 学员信息登记表

学生在UniTop Elite所报的科目是什么?

Guardian Information 监护人信息


Rules and Regulations 报课须知


1. 任何课程开始后,家⻓均享受前两节课(包含第⼆节课)⽆条件退课服务(退课手续服务费为课程总价的10%)。

2. UniTop Elite需定期回访家长,就学生情况进行汇报。

3. 课时包有效期为一年。

4. 遵守学Elite班课的作息制度,不迟到与早退。如若学员迟到,教师按正常下课时间结课;如若老师迟到,课程既定时常必须满⾜(延⻓或补回)。

5. 每位学员每个自然月只允许请假1次(包含病假):如因故不能参加,可在既定上课48⼩小时前通知学管⽼师,以便另行安排(如紧急病假-提前3⼩时通知Elite);如⽆故缺课或其他情况,计⼊正常课时,不另行安排补课。

6. 课程费用,时间,时⻓ & 上课地点有变动可能。

7. 学生需要收好贵重物品,如在学校乱放,则贵重物品丢失,Elite概不负责。

8. 学生在校内严禁⼤声喧哗、追打。

9. 课堂内学生做到尊重老师与其他学生。

10. 学⽣在未经允许情况下,不得独⾃自离开Elite教学场地。

11. 爱护公物,损坏公物(教具等)需赔偿。

12. 意外发生时,家⻓授权学院对学生进行急救。

The following rules and regulations are drafted to ensure our promise of above-standard services and to maintain your rights and interests.

1. You are entitled to receive refunds before the commencement of the third class – we are unable to offer refunds after the commencement of the third class (refunds means fees of the unused classes, and 10% of the total fees is charged as service fee).

2. UniTop Elite must visit and report student’s learning progress regularly during the course.

3. The lesson package is valid for one year from the date of commencement.

4. You follow the timetable of the school; Not to be late or dismiss early. If the student is late for class, the teacher will not extend the lesson; however, if the teacher is late, the teacher has to extend the lesson to meet the designated class length.

5. Each student can only ask for leave with a reason (including medical reasons) once every month and the parents have to inform school before 48 hours of the agreed class time (for medical reason: parents have to inform school at least 3 hours before the agreed class); Elite charges school fees if their is an absent without a reason or late notification. We are unable to offer make up classes for missed classes.

6. Class fees, times, duration & locations are subject to change.

7. If student misplaces or doesn’t try to protect their property, UniTop Elite is not responsible for any forms of loss of student’s property.

8. Students must behave safely, and are not allowed to run and act aggressively in the school. Any forms of dangerous activities are prohibited.

9. Students must respect teachers and other students.

10. Students are not allowed to leave the premise after class without Elite’s permission.

11. School and public properties need to be looked after by the student. Repair cost applies if necessary.

12. When accident happens, UniTop Elite has the right to provide medical assistance to students.